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Atlantic Canadian Leaders in Driver Education

The RightLane way of training appeals to all three types of learners in both the classroom and behind the wheel.
Our courses are interactive, real time and relevant. Learners participate, research, get hands on and contribute to the learning environment.

  • Focused on safety
  • Over 25 years experience
  • Highly trained & experienced instructors
  • New fleet of vehicles
  • Customized learning

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RightLane Driver Training launched our new Safer Roads PSA Contest at the Leadership to the Max event! Click here to visit our contest information page! To read our press release about the content launch click here!

Latest News

National Teen Driver Safety Week


  This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week. However, in the Driver Training world, EVERY WEEK is about Teen Driver Safety. Driver Education Schools in Atlantic Canada train thousands of teen drivers every year Read more

  • Testimonials

    I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me with driving because it saved my life yesterday. Because of you, I am a cautious driver and I was able to predict my accident, making it not so bad. So I just wanted to thank you so much.  

    (a RightLane Quispamsis Student)

  • Testimonials

    My daughter just finished up her lessons with her driving instructor Laurie Dauphinee - by successfully obtaining her license! I wanted to let you know just how much Laurie helped helped my daughter - she learned extraordinarily well from him and thought he was an excellent teacher. She also said he was a sweetheart! Our overall experience with RightLane (Halifax) has been wonderful right from the beginning. Thank you so much!

    (a RightLane Halifax Parent)

  • Testimonials

    I have experience with another popular driver training school, and Right Lane Driving excels in comparison. I just finished driving training and got my license on my first try. In-class content is relevant and not terribly tedious. In-car lessons are well-paced, no-nonsense, and very practical. Graeme always offered just the right amount of encouragement and correction. Thank you, Right Lane Driving. I will definitely recommend.

    RightLane Halifax Student

  • National Teen Driver Safety Week

    Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.49.27 PM
    This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week. However, in the Driver Training world, EVERY WEEK is about Teen Driver Safety. Driver Education Schools in Atlantic Canada train thousands of teen drivers every year on how to become a confident and safe defensive driver. 
    While students come to our programs for a variety of reasons including insurance discounts, shortening their waiting period and help passing the driving test, the truth of the matter is that we are in the business of training new drivers how to become Defensive Drivers. Our goal is to do this by impacting our future drivers in a positive way that will result in safer roads throughout our communities. Isn’t that what we all want?
    In celebration of this upcoming week, I have compiled a list of the TOP 10 THINGS that teens need to know about driving. 
    1. YOU control your car. No other driver has the right to tell you how to drive your vehicle. Never let another driver encourage or direct you to do something that you know is not safe or may be against the rules of the road. YOU will be held liable, not them.
    2. You don’t control other drivers and whether they obey the rules of the road or not. This is why you must always be a defensive driver rather than a passive driver. Assume that others will not follow the rules and be ready for the results of their actions. 
    3. NEVER text and drive! But also remember that there are many forms of distracted driving! Anything that takes your eyes or mind away from the act of driving can result in a fatality. For example, fumbling around in the car for something, programming your GPS, eating and drinking, unrestrained pets in the car, smoking, rubbernecking, adjusting your stereo controls and joking around with friends in the car to name a few. 
    4. Driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. You can loose your license faster than it took to get it. Once you have successfully completed your road test, you will still be in the Graduated Licensing Program. You may have obtained your license, however, you need to continue to be a safe, defensive driver. The Graduated Licensing Program has some strict guidelines and parameters that must be followed in addition to the Rules of the Road. Make sure you know them and abide by them. 
    5. You CANNOT multi-task while driving. Driving deserves 110% of your respect and attention when doing it. 
    6. “I became a PRO by doing something for 10 hours,” said no one! Practice, practice, practice driving. During the day, in the dark, in rain, in snow, in downtown traffic, in the country, on the highway,in parking lots. on dirty roads. EVERYWHERE!
    7. Many drivers today have an Invincible Mindset when it comes to driving. They think the rules are for everyone else and that it won’t happen to them. Newsflash – IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!
    8. Pedestrians have the ultimate RIGHT OF WAY! They are most vulnerable of all road users. 
    9. “I’ve only had one drink, I can drive.” – Now that you have your license, REMEMBER, it’s 0 tolerance! If you are pulled over under the influence of alcohol, you loose your license and start all over again, you loose your driver education insurance discount and now you are categorized as an at risk driver when you go to reapply for insurance.This will result in the highest premiums if in fact they will insure you. 
    10. Some people think that driving under the influence of marijuana and other drugs has less impact on your driving ability than alcohol. This is NOT true. Your driving ability can be impaired by pot just as much as it’s impaired by alcohol, as it impacts your ability to concentrate and lowers your reaction time. In fact, drivers between 16 and 24 years old are equally split between drinking-driver fatalities (27.6%) and drug-positive driver fatalities (26.9%)[3].
  • RightLane Driver Training Launches “Safer Roads” Contest for Students

    This morning, at the Leadership to the Max Event, which featured leadership expert John C. Maxwell and Olympian Heather Moyse, RightLane Driver Training made a significant public announcement, regarding community safety. The company aims to take a determined stance against dangerous driving activities – and hopes to make an impact in community awareness and overall safety on our roads. Over 7000 students filled the Moncton Coliseum for the inspirational event – RightLane took the opportunity to launch their first ever “Safer Roads” contest. The contest is designed to help middle school and high-school students learn about safe driving techniques and empower them to play a role in making Atlantic Canadian roads safer. Students (on their own, with friends, or entire classes) will create an ad for video, print, radio, or online on any one of the six (6) following themes:
    • Distracted Driving: Handheld devices, other distractions.
    • Impaired Driving: Substance abuse, emotion, tiredness, etc.
    • Rubbernecking: At the scene of an accident or other distractions of interest.
    • Crosswalk Safety: School zones, public crosswalks, etc.
    • Speeding / Stunting: Speed limits, invincibility syndrome, reckless driving.
    • Road Rage: Anger, emotional behaviour, etc.
      “Safer Roads” finalists and winning creations will be featured in a real marketing campaign in 2015 based on the type of entry that is made. A judging panel of driver training experts, community leaders, and first responders will have the hard task of reviewing the submissions and shortlisting the finalists. Two of the finalists will be deemed winners by the judging panel and the third winner will be up to the community to choose: The finalist’s pieces of work will be featured on the RightLane Driver Training Facebook page and open for voting for the “Peoples Choice” Category. Prizing: 1st Place: $1000 2nd Place: $750 3rd Place: $500   “We really wanted to find a way to get students engaged and thinking about the importance of safe driving and reminding them that they can help shape the future of safe-driving in Atlantic Canada.” said Susan Steeves, President of RightLane Driver Training. “We have so many creative and gifted students here in our region – this is an opportunity for them to flex their creative muscles, win great prizes, and have their work featured in a way that wouldn’t normally be possible” she continued. The contest officially opened yesterday and information packs are being distributed to teachers and resource professionals at schools throughout NB and NS, any school that would like to be a part of the contest is welcome to – they simply need to reach out to RightLane for the information. The deadline for submissions is December 12th and the finalists will be announced on January 10th. The goal of this PSA Contest is to help educate and create awareness to eliminate unsafe driving behaviours. The overall theme for the 2014 campaign is “The Invincibility Mindset”. To learn more about the PSA Contest and to get involved
  • RightLane Driver Training is in Fredericton!

    10499421_793655610686805_1636486216582903654_o Looking for a driving class in Fredericton? We got em! Our monthly classes are held at 944 Prospect Street in Fredericton, starting August 1st, 2014.  You can also do 20 hours of it online via our E-Academy!
  • Online Learning System Launched: E Academy


    For immediate release

     Local Business Launches First and Only Comprehensive Online Driver Education System

    (May 27, 2014 – MONCTON)  Successful entrepreneurs Susan Steeves and Tony Reeder, of Riverview, officially launched the first comprehensive online driver training system today in front of students at Bernice MacNaughton High School. Premier David Alward was on hand for the announcement.

    The learning tool, under the RightLane Driver Training brand, enables students to learn when and where they want to. The system is branded RightLane EAcademy 1.1 and is accessible to students on the most popular browsers, platforms, and devices including iPads, iPhones, Android phones.

    EAcademy is a game-changer for RightLane and already students are flocking to sign up for this revolutionary way of learning to drive. Steeves said they noticed a change in the way students were learning and so they decided to develop the learning tool to adapt to current learning trends. “For us, it’s all about providing the very best and safest in driver education while keeping up with the needs of today’s students.”

    The RightLane EAcademy 1.1 system provides students with the opportunity to work through the entire driver education program at their own pace and in their own time. It provides students an opportunity to learn in a fun online environment and to even share their progress and success through social media. The driver education program continues to require students to have five hours of classroom training and in-car instruction as in the past.

    With this new product, all RightLane students now have the choice to do their driver education online or in class.  This option is especially useful to rural students who would have a longer distance to drive to class and other students who are involved in extra-curricular activities they would need to miss to attend the training course.

    The digital platform is proprietary to RightLane and was custom developed for the company over the past year.  All content is under copyright and trademarking has been applied for. The entire system has been reviewed and approved by the Province of New Brunswick Department of Transportation and has been signed off by a fully accredited educational professional.

    About RightLane Driver Training

    RightLane Driver Training currently has 14 schools across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia:  Moncton, Saint John, Miramichi, Sussex, St. Stephen, Oromocto, Fredericton, St. George, Quispamsis, Bedford, Dartmouth, New Glasgow and Halifax.  RightLane strives to provide the very best and safest in driver education while keeping up with the needs of today’s students.

  • Why Take Driver Training


    A drivers education course offers an opportunity to learn and develop the right driving habits from the professionals. These are habits that could one day save your life and those you love. In New Brunswick, taking a drivers education course can help you get your drivers license sooner. It will shorten your waiting period prior to road test from 12 months to 8 months.
    In Nova Scotia, taking a drivers education program will shorten your waiting period prior to road test from 6 months to 3 months. Furthermore, successful completion of a drivers education program exempts the student from having to take a Defensive Driving Course in two years to have the “N” removed from their license. For those who did not take a drivers education program and wish to have the “N” removed from their license, we offer one day Defensive Driving Courses at our Bedford location. For more information on this one day course, please visit our Bedford location tab. Successful completion of a drivers education program can result in significant discounts in car insurance for the student. Students will receive a certificate of completion that can be given to their insurance company. The percentage of discount may vary by insurance company, as well as by model and year of vehicle.
  • New & Improved Bedford Location

    NEW and IMPROVED! Our Bedford classroom and RightLane’s Nova Scotia head office has moved! We are now located at 1469 Bedford Highway, Suite 103. 
  • Defensive Driving Course – NS

    In Nova Scotia, we offer monthly DDC Courses at our Bedford location –  Defensive Driving Course - This will provide you with a certificate to enable you to have the “N” removed from your class 5 license. This removes all restrictions from your class 5 license.