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1 (800) 363-1194

All of our classes are held at 616 Main Street ( TD Bank Building), Sussex, NB

RightLane Sussex is your BEST choice for driver education in Kings county. We have deep roots in the community as the former Cliffs Driver Training, who was the first choice for driver training in Sussex and surrounding Kings County communities for over 35 years. Cliff and Kate Hodgsin have mentored hundreds of students from Sussex, Hampton, Belleisle, Chipman, Cambridge Narrows, Petitcodiac and everywhere in between. We proud to continue to provide the high quality of instruction that Cliff and Kate provided as the new RightLane Driver Training.

It all begins with KNOWLEDGE! Our classes are engaging and relevant, teaching you defensive driving and accident avoidance techniques that will be YOURS FOR LIFE! If you enjoy learning in a group, through group discussions and team work, this option is for you!


RightLane Driver Training believes that all students learn in different ways. Likewise, we also believe that todays youth are busier than ever with commitments reaching far beyond their daily education. So, RightLane Driver Training has created EAcademy! This is OUR OWN revolutionary online learning program that enables YOU to work through the driver education curriculum at your own pace, in your own environment, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

EAcademy students complete 23 interactive modules and quizzes online. Upon completion, you must attend a 5 hour, instructor led program summary and final test. Dates for these 5 hour classes are listed above.
Whether you choose our In Class Learning or EAcademy online learning, all students will also receive:
10 hours of one on one in car instruction with our Provincially certified, experienced driving instructors.
Use of our driver education vehicle for your road test at no extra cost.

Both programs are approved by The Department of Public Safety of New Brunswick. To date, over 100 New Brunswick students have completed EAcademy.

RightLane Sussex will carry on their commitment to service and excellence in training new drivers. Our Kings County office and classroom is located in the Main Street Plaza at 616 Main Street (TD Building), in the heart of downtown Sussex where we hold monthly classes.

Our program includes the following: 25 hours of un-simulated, instructor facilitated classroom learning that is engaging and relevant · 10 hours of in car, behind the wheel training with an experienced mentor who is a certified instructor. · We book your road test for you, accompany you to your road test and allow you to use our car for the road test. Our training includes inner city driver training, learning the downtown routes as well as the various access points in and out of the city, during various times of the day. Our in car training includes defensive driving and winter driving techniques.

Here is what some of them are saying:

“Its very convenient, no rush and no pressure.. I can manage my time properly and that I still have time for my personal life.”

-Melinda, Moncton, NB

“My favourite thing was being able to learn at my own pace and having the chance to examine and learn the subjects thoroughly.”

-Michael, Miramichi, NB

“My favourite thing about EAcademy was how all the lessons were broken up and you could do as many as you wanted in one day. Also, I enjoyed reading the lessons and then watching the video’s to recap. I thought it was a very straight forward and effective system. It was easy to use and very helpful.”

-Madison, Pointe de Chene, NB

“It was very easy to learn from, the videos are very helpful, and it was just an overall easy and great way to learn about driving and all of its ups and downs.”

– Duncan, Nauwigewaulk, NB

“I loved that I could work at my own pace and I could work whenever I wanted to. I enjoyed the quizzes as they were interactive and provided a great summary for the chapter. Overall I thought it was a great program and it was the best was for me to get my drivers education.”

-Kristen, Rusagonis, NB

“I liked being able to complete drivers ed on my own time: I didn’t have to worry about taking time off from work and losing hours.”

-Rachel, Oromocto, NB


Both programs include 10 hours on in-car lessons and use of our car for the road test. Please note that after completing the 20 hours of online, you will be required to participate in a 5 hour EAcademy class before starting your in car lessons. Please be advised that payment must be paid in full in order to start online learning. (EAcademy is currently only available in New Brunswick) RightLane Office 616 Main Street (TD Building), Sussex. EAcademy must be paid in full to begin the course. A minimum of 50% of the fee is due at registration, in order to confirm your seat in the class. The other 50% is due on the last day of class.

$678 taxes included

For further information call us: 1 (800) 363-1194