Does My Car Determine the Cost of My Insurance?

Insurance policies can often seem mysterious to us. We may have a decent understanding of what it covers, and we know it's needed, but do we ever really know what makes a rate that rate? There are many things that make up the rate you receive when you get an insurance policy. Here are a few.

First, yes; the car you drive does help determine the cost of your insurance. Things like how likely it is to be stolen, the cost of repairs, the engine size, and the safety record of that kind of vehicle all play into your policy cost.

Your driving makes up a huge part of your insurance policy cost. If you have a great driving record, over many years, you'll likely pay less than someone who has had many accidents and claims, or someone who just doesn't have experience yet.

How often you drive your car is taken into consideration as well. The more you drive, the more likely you are to get into an accident which means the cost of insuring your vehicle will go up. If you've found yourself driving less due to working from home, you may want to talk to your insurance provider about 'pleasure use' insurance.

Did you know the neighbourhood you live in actually affects your insurance policy as well? Areas with high rates of vandalism or vehicle theft will cause your rates to increase.

The type of insurance you choose to have will also determine the cost of your policy; if you choose to maintain basic coverage, then you'll pay less than if you had more comprehensive coverage. It's really a matter of your own peace of mind.

Did you know that most insurance companies give discounts for drivers who have successfully completed driver training? Trained drivers are better drivers, which means less risk is assumed by the insurance company. Learn more about RightLane Driver Training today!

Does My Car Determine the Cost of My Insurance?

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