Common Mistakes New Drivers Should Avoid

When starting to learn to drive, it's important to build your skills on proper habits. Avoiding common mistakes can help you stay safe on the road for years to come. Whether you're just learning to drive, or recently got your license, here are some common mistakes new drivers should avoid.

Not Adjusting Your Seat

We've all been guilty of it. Hopping into the car, strapping on the seatbelt, and driving. By not adjusting your seat, you can be causing yourself to hyperextend, meaning that you don't have control over the vehicle in case of emergency. Adjust your seat so that your wrists touch the wheel; this position means that you have hand control over the wheel, but can also reach the pedals properly.

Not Cleaning Your Windows

Sometimes cleaning off the windows in our vehicle seems like a lot of work. "Oh, the wind will get rid of that snow." or "The defrost will take care of that ice." Obviously, this is dangerous. Before you go anywhere, check each window, making sure that you can see through each, and taking care of any spots that your wipers may miss.

Not Using Your Turn Signal

Communication with your fellow drivers is of prime importance, and the easiest way to communicate with them is with turn signals. Whether you're turning, merging, reversing, parking, or leaving a parking spot, turn signals will help you let your fellow drivers know what you're doing.


Speed limits are in place for a reason. Whether we wish to agree with them or not, it is important to follow ALL posted speed limits. While it may seem unreasonable to do so, the speed limits are there for safety reasons for everyone on the road.

Texting And Driving

This is a huge "Do Not Do". Driving a vehicle is one of the most intense things humans do on a regular basis, but where we do it so often, we feel like we have it under control. Adding something like texting while driving, or using your cell phone adds another layer of complexity to an already difficult task. Put the phone on do not disturb, and wait till you're off the road to answer that DM.

Remember; driving is a privilege and not a right. By avoiding bad driving habits, you can ensure that you stay on the road, and safe.

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