Safely driving through construction (road and/or parking lot)

Summertime means road trips with our friends and family and beautiful days taking in the sunshine. It also means construction. Construction areas in Canada in the summer are almost as common as mosquitos. Getting caught in a construction zone can be frustrating but there are a few things you can do to make sure you get through safely.

Patience is a virtue that is required during construction season. While it may tempting to squeeze through the pylons and scoot through that blocked-off section when you do that you put the lives of others in danger.

Speed limits are in place for a reason, and this is even more important in construction areas. Slow down and follow the posted speed limit, and remember that fines are doubled in construction areas if workers are present.

Being prepared gives you the heads up knowing that you might be stuck in traffic. Listening to the morning info show on your local radio station, and using navigation apps can help you either find an alternate route or be prepared in knowing that you may have to wait.

The worst part of waiting in traffic and construction zones is the boredom. Before you hit the road, download an audiobook, whether from a subscription service, or using your library's digital service. The radio can get boring, and podcasts run out of episodes, but a good book? That's priceless.

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Safely driving through construction (road and/or parking lot)

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