I Just Failed My Driving Test. What Now?

Driving is a difficult task, with different parts of your mind and body working together to guide you and your vehicle from point A to point B and any points in between. Almost as difficult as driving itself is your driving test. It can be a very stressful situation, whether you're doing your written exam or your road test. While it's possible you fail your driving test, doing so is not the end of the road. Here's what we suggest you do.

Despite the stories in the hallways at school about driving examiners failing people just because they didn't like them, that is just not true. If you've failed a driving test, there is a reason. Stay calm, and ask to speak to the examiner, or whoever administered the test. They can guide you in what you can work on to pass your test next time out.

If it was your written exam, find out which questions you got wrong. This will guide you towards which areas of the driving manual to focus on when you get back to studying. The more time you spend with the material, the more confident you'll be with the subject matter.

If you failed your practical driving test, it is still best to speak to the examiner and ask them what you can work on for next time. Remember; driving is hard, and tests are stressful. But know what you're already good at, and what needs to be improved can help lower that stress level for the next time.

When all is said and done, failing a driver's test is not the end of your time on the road. By taking the information you have been given from the driver's examiner, and focusing on studying and practicing, you'll be able to retake your test with the confidence of knowing you did your best.

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