Fuel Saving Tips

The one that everyone who drives a gas powered vehicle has in common is that we all want our fuel to last as long as possible. While it's one thing to pull off the highway during a road trip for a great attraction, it's another to have to because you're running low on fuel. Here are a few tips to keep your wheels on the highway longer.

Drive the speed limit; By going over the speed limit, you're making your engine pump harder, and you're raising the drag on your vehicle. By driving 100 km/h instead of 120 km/h, you can lower fuel consumption by about 15%!

Paying attention to the traffic around you and where you're going has a two-fold effect. One, it helps you stay safe. Two, it helps you avoid having to brake or accelerate hard. By being aware of what's around you, you can accelerate and decelerate slowly allowing you to save fuel!

Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended air pressure has an impact on your vehicle's fuel consumption. Riding on tires with too little air forces your vehicle to work harder, using up more of your fuel.

Maintenance of your vehicle is key; maintaining your vehicle helps you to make sure that it's in tip top shape, and by replacing old filters, and spark plugs, and ensuring all fluids are topped up, your vehicle runs efficiently.

Turn off your vehicle when you're not moving. Idling is not only bad for the environment, it also wastes fuel. It takes less fuel to start your vehicle than will be used if it idles for more than a minute.

Fuel Saving Tips

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