Maintaining Proper Distance Between You and the Car in Front of You

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous habits you can get into on the road. Driving too close to other vehicles gives you less time to react in the event of them swerving, or braking quickly. If you fail to leave the proper distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, you are in danger of a potentially fatal accident. How can you tell though, if you're too close or the right distance away? We can help.

As a rule, when driving on the highway, you should aim to keep 3 seconds of time between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Using a fixed object like an overpass or a highway sign, count three seconds from the vehicle ahead passes, until you do. If you pass the object before three seconds, you're too close.

The three-second rule works best in ideal driving conditions. What situations should you lengthen that time? Of course, you'll want to leave more space in poor driving conditions like rain or snow, but also during nighttime driving, and when you're following a large truck or a bus. Busses and trucks require more space and time to swerve or stop, so give yourself another 2-3 seconds above the three-second rule when following behind them.

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Maintaining Proper Distance

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