How to Remove Ice From Your Windshield/Windows

The mornings are getting colder, and that means frost is on its way. With the cold and frost, comes ice and snow and the need to clear it from your vehicle. While in theory, it's just a matter of wiping or scraping it off, it can get difficult and time-consuming, especially when you're dealing with ice. Here are some great ways to remove ice from your vehicle's windows.

The first way that likely comes to mind is a good old-fashioned scraper. While it takes some elbow grease, it gets the job done efficiently, as long as your scraper is in good condition. Check yours before it's too late, and make sure there are no divots or dents. Those imperfections cause your scarper to not make full contact with your windshield or windows, meaning you have to scrape longer to get the job done.

After you're ready for your morning, take a moment to start the car and let it run while you make your coffee for the road. Turn the heat up, turn the fan up, and set it all to defrost, then sip your coffee while you watch your car warm up from the front window.

If you're not a person who has a lot of time in the morning and just needs to get moving, a little pre-planning can go a long way. A windshield snow cover can save you time in the mornings by placing a barrier between your windshield and the snow and ice that accumulates while you're sleeping!

In a rush, and forgot to put out the snow cover? Here is an almost magical concoction to help get the ice off your windshield in a hurry. Use two parts isopropyl/rubbing alcohol to one part water, and put it in a spray bottle. Because of the alcohol's lower freezing point, it will actually melt the ice, and not freeze itself, meaning that you can clean your windshield with your wiper blades, or a solid squeegee.

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How to remove ice from your windshield

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