Sharing the Road With Motorcycles

Look twice. Save a life. We've all seen this bumper sticker on vehicles in our travels. With warmer weather upon us, more and more motorcyclists will be taking to our streets to enjoy their time on two wheels. How can you help keep you and motorcyclists safe this summer? Here are our tips on sharing the road with motorcycles.

Obviously, motorcycles are smaller than cars and trucks, so the first thing we suggest is to keep an eye on your blind spots. When you change lanes, that quick turn of your head to see what your mirrors don't show you can save a life. Because of their size and speed, it's important to check twice before you make that lane change.

Because of how motorcycles work, they may start slowing down long before you ever see brake lights. Downshifting, and letting off the throttle both slow a motorcycle down quickly enough on their own. This makes keeping your distance all the more important when it comes to tailing motorcycles.

Turning left is another occasion that requires extra attention for motorcycles. When turning left across lanes of traffic, take a second look for motorcycles. Again, their speed and size can sometimes allow them to surprise you, so double-checking can literally save a life.

A motorcycle is also a vehicle and has the same rights to the road as your car or truck. Be careful to give them the space they need, not just when tailing, but also on the side. Never pass a motorcycle in the same lane. They are legally entitled to their own lane and may need to swerve quickly to avoid road debris, causing an accident.

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Sharing the Road With Motorcycles

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