Sharing the Road With Transport Trucks

Truck drivers are necessary in our society. With a large amount of food, clothing and other items being shipped by truck over ground, we will likely see a transport truck every time we take to the road. As important as they are though, they are huge, fast, heavy, and don't react the same way as cars, trucks, and SUV's. So how can we co-exist with big rigs on Maritime roads? Here's how;

Big trucks and transports due to the very way they're designed, have a lot of blind spots. There is only so much a set of mirrors can do. Avoid driving directly behind a truck, directly in front of, or about midway up the trailer. In these locations, a truck driver can not see you. Look for the truck driver's mirrors. If you can see those, the driver can likely see you. Otherwise, you're in their blind spot.

One thing many folks don't consider is the amount of time it takes for a big rig, especially with a load, to slow down. Cutting in front of a truck, and slowing down quickly can be the cause of an accident. Depending on how close you cut, the driver may not see you, and if they do, they can't slow down as fast as a car or SUV and could still end up hitting you.

Giving big trucks space is what it comes down to. Big rigs, 18-wheelers, and transport trucks, in general, all behave differently than other vehicles on the road. Without being given the amount of space, and therefore respect, needed accidents can happen. Driving in front, behind, and too close to trucks can all cause unneeded pressure and stress on yourself and the trucker.

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Sharing the Road With Transport Trucks

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