Tips for Driving in a New City

So, you've moved away from home to head to college or university and now you're going to be driving to your classes. New cities present a whole new range of challenges when it comes to getting yourself from Point A to Point B in your vehicle, but it also gives you the opportunity to discover a whole new world of sights to see!

Right off the bat, the first thing to do is actually drive. While it may be daunting, and you might feel more comfortable trying to walk the route, or take public transportation, if you want to get comfortable driving, you need to drive. Preparation will be key.

Figure out where you want to go, and familiarize yourself with the maps and routes. Do a few practice runs if you have the time. You know you'll have to go to campus most days each week, so do a couple of dry runs without the pressure of being on time to get used to the flow of the route.

Carpooling can be a lifesaver both for your passengers and for yourself. If your passenger is a local, or someone who is great with directions, they can be a giant advantage in navigating your way through the city streets.

Your phone can be a huge help to you, too. Regardless of your Map App of choice, turn by turn directions from your phone can make your trip easy, and less stressful than trying to get there by memory.

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