Why Choose Winter Tires

Despite our best intentions and greatest desires, summer is gone, which means winter is on its way. For many of us this means things like getting our backyards ready for the cold weather, or bringing our snowblower in for service before the first flakes fly. Another thing that should be top of mind for us right now is winter tires for our vehicles. I know, many of us think 'I have all-seasons, I should be ok' but the fact of the matter is, all-season tires are not made for winter. Check out our blog below for why it's important to choose winter tires.

While all-season tires are safe and can be effective, they are not designed specifically for winter driving conditions. Because Canadian seasons can vary so much from our warm summers to our harsh winters, one set of tires will not be able to do everything really well. A set of summer tires are made from a softer rubber than a winter set. Soft rubber in freezing temperatures can become brittle, meaning that its grip on the road lessens.

Unlike summer or all seasons, winter tires are designed with deeper treads, running in one direction, allowing them to avoid a buildup of snow, giving you better traction. Better traction is safer driving.

Do you have questions about choosing the right tires, or how to drive safely in all kinds of weather? We'd love to help! Reach out today!

Winter Tires

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